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How do you make your Family Portraits Perfect?

Dear Friend,

Whether you’re looking for someone to photograph your family, or a photographer who can capture the essence of your child’s personality, after a few minutes browsing our site, hopefully we can help answer any questions you might have.

My goal is simple: I want your portraits to be perfect. Therefore, regardless of whether you decide to have me create your photographs or not, I still want you to know about the things most photographers don’t understand.


What Style of Portrait are you interested in?

As you cruise around the Coastal Connections website you’ll see different styles of Family and Children Portraits that we offer. Along with our laid-back style, we like to make our portraits look casual and fun.

Planning for your Portrait…

The finished portraits you see here on our site look like they just happened without any planning because they look so natural. All the steps that lead up to the session is what accomplishes that look.

What is Hirsch Studio?

Hirsch Studio’s niche is photographing Family and Children’s Portraits on the beach and in the garden – two spots I’ve made my own personal office for over 30 years. While the style of Family Portraits may have changed over the years, the true meaning of family hasn’t. Being together, hanging out and celebrating good times still means family fun. Whether your family consists of five or 35, my personal goal is to make your portrait experience enjoyable. My humor may seem a bit corny and my magic tricks a little on the silly side, but all family members are sure to be relaxed and entertained.

The Best job in the World

One perk of my profession is meeting very interesting families from all across the country. It’s always fun to watch how families interact with each other. The children usually start out a little shy and by the end of the session they are my best friends. I have a great view in my personal office – beautiful sunsets every night – which I enjoy while getting to wear shorts to work.

Classic Casual Family Photography

Over the last 35 years I have developed a portrait style that I call classic casual. It has been in style for thirty years and I am sure it will be for the next thirty years. Nothing is worse that looking at a photograph that you are embarrassed about because the clothes and look of the portrait are outdated. For Hirsch Studio a timeless Portrait is the norm!

Whether that be in the studio or in your home or what we are known for a Beach Portrait, you can rest assured it will be in style now and for many years to come.

I look forward with creating something special for you and your family!

Thank you,


“Family Always First”

Bruce & Linda Hirsch