Hirsch Studio | Michigan City, IN

Q & A

Bruce Hirsch answers frequently asked questions.


Q.Why do you suggest plain clothes for your portraits?
A: In the finished portrait you want all the attention to go to the faces, and the clothing is secondary.

Q: Do you have a favorite beach that you like to work at?
A: My two favorite beaches are Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs FL and Washington Park in Michigan City IN, but I also enjoy working at new and different beaches.

Q: Why do you wait until about an hour before sunset to photograph on the beach?
A: If we don’t wait until an hour before sunset the sun is usually too bright, and my subjects would be squinting do to the bright sun. I wait till what I call the sweet light, that is when the sun really starts to get that beautiful golden color that makes my subjects look their best.

Q: Why can’t you photograph more than one client on the beach in an evening?
A:When the sun becomes the sweet light I only have time for one family do to the portraits correctly.