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“Let Us Help You Tell The Story of Your Child Through Emotional, Sensitive Portraiture…”

There’s Nothing Like Being A Parent or Grandparent. You’ll Do Anything For Your Child or Grandchild. And When that Child Smiles, It’s The Most Wonderful Sight In The World…

I have this great portrait I took of my children, Alex, Joel & Claire. I call it “My Perfect Portrait” because it really captures their personalities. This image was taken over 12 years ago. There’s so much heart – so much emotion in this single image. That one photograph means so much to me, I can’t even describe how I would feel if I were to lose it.

I took this photograph of them when they were 4,6 & 8 years old, and I can still remember to this day exactly what that day was like.

This is My Perfect Portrait
The Hirsch Children Summer Beach Portrait.

It was so perfect. And that entire day – that entire moment in my children’s  life – is captured in their expression. More than any other photograph they have had taken so far, that photograph captured that innocent spirit that will always make me and my wife smile.

What would a photograph like that of your child mean to you in 20 or 25 years? There’s still time, but everyday, your child’s smile changes a little.

These Types Of Photographs Are Not Accidents. They Are Not Snapshots. And Yet They’re Not “Posed” Or Unnatural In Any Way.

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You know your child better than anyone else in the world. You know his or her “real” smile, and you know his or her “fake” smile. But, you know what? Other people can tell the difference too. We all can. You’ve seen photographs where you could tell the photographer just posed the child and said “say cheese!” The lighting may have been good. The background might have been nice. But that fake expression that happens when a child is PROMPTED to smile – that just makes the photograph look like a snapshot instead of a special captured moment in your child’s life.

Imagine How Wonderful Your Child’s Expression Will Be When We Become your Child’s FRIEND.

Nothing means more to me than family. No one (other than maybe the rest of your family) understands what your child means to you more than I do. That’s one of the reasons I became a professional photographer – I want to help parents hold on to their family memories forever, and never regret not having a special photograph of their child created.

Where are children the most comfortable? Usually outdoors. That’s why I have built a beautiful portrait garden. We have an old English Cottage, a Classic Swing and Stone Paths that lead to our creek. Along with a Gazebo with lush colorful flowers everywhere. You can also choose from our classic studio, a park or the beach.  The choice is yours. Not only will your son or daughter have more fun being photographed this way, but it will also be a much more personal and unique setting.

“Playing Catch With a Cushie Ball” – A Great Game To Help Your Child Feel Totally Comfortable, So He Or She Will Look Great.

I have this wonderful, big, fluffy, colorful ball, and I play catch with the kids for the first 10 minutes of the session. If they are a little shy the mom or dad will play catch with me. Once they see mom and dad are “Friends of Mine” the child relaxes and starts playing with us as well.  You should see a child’s eyes light up when we play keep away from mom or dad, they think that is so much fun and it is.

Please give me a call to talk about your child’s portrait, you will probably get swamped with other things, and forget all about it. Then, before you know it, a year – two years – five years have gone by. How different will your son or daughter be by then?

These are precious times, and although things will change, don’t let this moment slip from your fingers.
Don’t put this off. You know how life is. We put things off, and before we know it, everything has changed. If your life is half as crazy as mine is, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never got done. A portrait of your child – as he or she is right now – is something you deserve.

Pick up the phone, and call my studio. 219-874-7747

When you call, we’ll talk briefly about the things you need to know. I’ll tell you a bit about me. I’ll answer all your questions about how to prepare for your child’s portrait. It won’t be a long call, but it will be one of the most important calls you make.

Bruce Hirsch
Family & Child Photographer

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