Hirsch Studio | Michigan City, IN

The Gardens of Hirsch Studio

The Hirsch Studio Garden’s have really been a labor of love for me. I do enjoy working in the garden, cutting the grass, and tending to all the flowers. It really is a family project. Every spring my kids help with the spring clean-up, and they all take turn watering the flowers that the sprinkling system does not reach, and every fall putting  away all the pots that hold all of the flowers. The real Master Gardner is my wife Linda, she takes care of all the annual flowers. Every spring she will plant over 25 flats of flowers mainly impatients. She does a wonderful job planting the right colors that work well with my portraits.

The Hirsch Studio “English Cottage”

I built the “English Cottage” around the year 2000. I was looking for a place where I could store alot of my garden tools & tractor. Along with making it very appealing for a prop.

I came up with the idea after studing many Thomas Kinkeade paintings. He usually has a Cottage along side of a creek with lots of ivy and a lamp post. I have all that as well.

The Cottage is used in my portraits many ways. I use it for families, when they are positioned in front of it. For children, sitting on a chair or on the stone steps. Or high school seniors leaning on the outside wall.

It has been a great prop over the years and really is the cornerstone of the Hirsch Gardens.


Here is a Portrait of a little girl standing on a chair in front of the “English Cottage” I use many different chairs and benches for my subjects to sit or stand on. There is always some type of flowers in pots arranged on the steps of the cottage.


A few years later I built the Stone pillars with a fence and a stone path. This area allows me to make more storytelling type of images. It almost has a dream like feel to it. It works extremely good for children.

 Two children walking on the path into the secret garden.


 One of my favorite examples of a child not even knowing that she is being photographed. She is busy looking at the book.


The Swing is another popular spot for children. It is a simple little swing that the children just love to play on. It can hold two smaller children and have a sibling pushing them as well.  The tree that it hangs from is an old mulberry tree.


One of latest spots in the garden would be the Gazebo area. It is a wonderful spot to photograph all times of the day. I can photograph large groups down to portraits of a single child. It has a stone sidewalk that wonders onto the steps to the opening of the garden. There are lots of colors of flowers from deep yellows to deep reds! The Gazebo area has a little bit of a formal feel to it.

A formal portrait of two children interacting with each other.


A Family Garden Portrait by the Gazebo in the Hirsch Studio Gardens.


We just aquired some new land in 2008. It has a park like feel, and it makes the portraits a little more relaxed looking. A sloped hill allows me to postion the subjects on different levels while making them look like they just came together. It works great with families and children along with high school seniors.

 A casual family portrait on the hill.

Family of four in the fall with the creek in the background.

 Fall casual family group on a old chair I found in a dumpster.

 Fun Portrait of three girls jumping having fun.