Hirsch Studio | Michigan City, IN

Beach Tips


Tip #1: Be patient with the weather.

Don’t stress out and worry about the weather! That is one thing that we can’t control. I will say some of my favorite images of families on the beach are after an all day rain! Usually we will have some beautiful dramatic clouds that make the beach portraits very interesting! I feel like I’m a part time weatherman, I watch my weather service constantly to see if we need to adjust the time of the session.

Tip #2: Wear Clothes that fit correctly.

We want you to wear comfortable clothes that don’t look frumpy! Sometimes if the clothing is to big or just hangs on you it can add weight. Also you don’t want the clothes to be to tight it can make you look uncomfortable. Also stay away from stripes and busy patterns, solids work the best!

Tip #3: Preparing your Child

Please don’t!!!!

Don’t worry that your children won’t cooperate! That’s what you hire me to do. I have seen many times that children feel the tension from their parents to smile or behave, and then I start playing catch with them and they forget about having their portrait being taken.

Tip #4:Wear extra hair spray and make-up.

There is always some kind of wind or breeze on the beach. So we need to prepare for it. I have many tricks that I use to keep hair looking it’s best, but with the use of extra hair spray or gel it will prevent many little problems that we don’t need to take care of later. Also you can wear your makeup about 20% heavier than normal. The lighting is nice and soft on the beach at the time of day when we photograph, so a little extra make-up will help bring out your best features!

I hope you enjoyed my 4 tips on Beach Portraits. If you have any other questions or you would like more information about our Beach Portraits please give me a call 877-576-0909