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Family Portrait Photography

How You Can Capture Your Family’s Happiest Moment, And Hold On To It Forever…

Dear Friend,
Your family is changing so fast? Your children are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day. Don’t you wish you could just “freeze time” and hold these special moments forever?

My name is Bruce Hirsch, and capturing wonderful family memories is what I’ve devoted my life to. I’m a professional family photographer, but more than that, I’m just like you… I’m a family person.

We have a special credo that we live and work by and that is:

FAF – “Family Always First”

These three words are very simple but very powerful, especially when you put them together.

If you’re at all like most of the families on this website, you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to having a family portrait created. Don’t worry – that’s normal. You’ve got a lot of things going on in your life. Life is busier and crazier than ever, and family life, in particular, seems to be happening at an ever-accelerating pace.

We believe the 4 important steps to creating outstanding Family Portraits are:

Step #1 Planning your Family Portrait!

If you would just “show up” and have someone snap your photograph chances are it would look very average. Clothes don’t match and posing isn’t correct.

That is why we take a great time in planning your portrait. Our first question is with the end in mind. How are you going to display your portrait? Where will your portrait be displayed? What color scheme do you want to use in your portrait? We want the colors to harmonize throughout your room. A lot of time and effort goes into making sure your portrait is perfect.

Step #2 Finding out about family chemistry!

These photographs will be completely meaningless to you unless they convey the real emotions and relationships between you and your loved ones. That’s the only real reason to have a family portrait created.

Every time you walk by your Portrait I want you to think about how much you love it!

Obviously, I’m totally confident that the portraits I create of you and your family will be well beyond anything you imagine. I believe completely that these photographs will become your most prized possessions.

Step #3 Scheduling your portrait appointment!

Probably the most difficult step in the process is finding the time that will work for the entire family. When you are juggling children’s school and practice schedules, Dads work schedules and all the other events that go on in a family’s life. Believe me, I know! But once you get it scheduled and the portraits are made it becomes one of the most rewarding things you can do as a family.

Wanna schedule today? Contact us now and get your portrait appointment scheduled!

Step #4 Deciding where to have the Portrait made!

If you’re like most people, when you think of a PROFESSIONAL family portrait, you think of all of you gathered in front of an “unattractive background” in a chain photography studio, posed unnaturally, and all saying “cheese” as the photographer snaps the picture. Now, is that something any family will cherish for a lifetime? I think not. Yes, it may capture the whole family together, but it will never capture your family relationships – your families love.

Picture instead: All of you gathered in your favorite room in your home. Or on your favorite beach. Or in your backyard by the pine trees that give your yard so much character. All of you are dressed in clothes that we have helped you choose – clothing that conveys your individual personalities, but still looks great together.

That’s why it’s so important that you feel very natural and comfortable with your photographer. Just think of how great your family would look if your best friend was creating the photograph. They would all look so happy and natural! I take pride in developing very close relationships with all my clients and their family. That’s why I take time to get to know the children and play games with them.

“The Children don’t even know they are being photographed”

Plus, I understand the “psychology” of photography. Learning the technical aspects – what lenses to use, what lighting looks best, how clothing adds and subtracts weight in the portrait – all of those things are only the tip of the iceberg. Without being able to make each and every one of your family members look and feel comfortable (and natural) all those technical things would amount to nothing.

Don’t put this off. You know how life is. We put things off, and before we know it, everything has changed. If your life is half as crazy as mine, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never did. A family portrait is something you deserve.

The Perfect Family Portrait Is Only One Phone Call Away…
Make the call now. It will be a call you will be glad you made for the rest of your life. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bruce Hirsch


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